Gunn Medal

The Joseph J. Gunn Alumni Medal is awarded each year to a graduating senior who has made the most significant overall contribution to Manhattan College during his or her undergraduate years with an emphasis on excellence, leadership, and service. Many consider this to be the most prestigious award that is given each year.

A nominee must possess clear and convincing evidence of character, maturity and leadership in the following areas:

  • extracurricular activities
  • co-curricular activities
  • off-campus activities
  • academic accomplishments

The awardee is selected by a joint committee of faculty and alumni and is presented annually by the president of the Alumni Society at the Spring Honors Convocation. 

  • List of Past Gunn Medal Recipients
    Class Year Gunn Medal Recipient
    1983 Ms. Jeanne Barro
    1984 Rev. Christopher J. Posch, OFM
    1985 Mr. John H. Meyers
    1986 Ms. Marie D'Alessandro
    1987 Mrs. Maura F. (Ollo) Fitzmorris
    1987 Mr. Miguel Lopez
    1988 Mr. Joseph G. Brosnan, Esq.
    1989 Mrs. Suzanne Donaghy
    1990 Ms. Lucy Snellinger
    1992 Mrs. Kathleen M. Torres
    1993 Dr. Maria E. Lamicella-DiCarlo
    1994 Rev. Eugene R. Hamilton
    1995 Mr. Thomas J. Phelan
    1996 Mrs. Rosemarie Coppola-Baldwin, Esq.
    1997 Ms. Jo Anne Cifu
    1998 Mr. Timothy M. Lee
    1999 Mr. James A. Karcher
    2000 John H. Mark, Esq.
    2001 Mr. Eugene Jaconetti
    2002 Ms. Jennifer Frankola
    2003 Ms. Christine Prizeman
    2004 Ms. Tutti Touray
    2005 Mr. Michael Brady
    2006 Ms. Caryn Capalbo
    2007 Mr. Paul A. Avvento
    2008 Mr. Andrew L. Elbrecht
    2009 Ms. Mary Morgan
    2010 Ms. Catherine Calogero
    2011 Mr. Michael J. Borger
    2012 Ms. Christina Costas
    2013 Mr. Christopher Bednarz
    2014 Ms. Kathleen White
    2015 Ms. Kelly Douglas and Ms. Grace Hoffman (awarded ex aqueo)
    2016 Ms. Natalie Heinitz
    2017 Mr. Christopher J. Hoey
    2018 Ms. Alannah Boyle
    2019 Ms. Emma Kaishian
    2020 Ms. Ellen Farrelly
    2021 Ms.Nadia Itani and Mr. Matthew Sweeney (awarded ex aqueo)
    2022 Ms. Eunice Nazar
    2023 Ms. Alixandria James

Important Dates

Date events
2/05/2024  Due date for nominations
2/19/2024 Students are notified of nomination
3/20/2024 Student applications are due
4/03/2024 Gunn Medal Selection Committee meets to select recipient
TBD Gunn Medal is awarded at Spring Honors Convocation


In order to be considered for the Gunn Medal, a student must be nominated by a member of the faculty, staff or administration.

Each nomination should briefly state the specific reasons why the nominee is worthy of consideration for the Gunn Medal. The nomination forms will be attached to the student’s Gunn Medal application and distributed to the selection committee. Your reasons for nominating a particular student will therefore become an important part of the student’s application package.

Nominations will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Students will be informed of their nomination directly by the chairperson of the selection committee.